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A Novel Friend

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I'm a freelance writer, editor and tutor. My editing experience covers novels, short stories, novellas, poems, business books, narrative journalism, and even video game dialogue. I have a number of non-fiction articles published in newspapers, magazines and journals; topics range from Tarot to horses to rabbits to food to entertainment to business savvy to writing to local hauntings. My preference is for fiction, though, particularly science fiction, fantasy and horror - though I occasionally have a cute or literary bit or poem here and there.

While I love all that I do, writing is my life. Editing, tutoring, and non-fic pay bills. I live in fiction; I have for as long as I can remember. I belong to or co-moderate a number of writing groups online and live. These groups vary from critique groups to networking groups to combinations thereof; that's where I realized I was a pretty good editor and decided to use those talents to help with household bills. (My husband, though an absolute angel and saint of support, can't pay for everything.)

When I'm not writing (or editing or tutoring), and not spending time with my husband, I am an active advocate of animals. I dedicate a lot of time and writing to the Bay State Equine Rescue (www.baystaterescue.org) and am a long-standing member of the House Rabbit Society. My husband and I share our house, currently, with Loki (a white bunny) and Nylis (a brown and grey tabby cat).